There is a certain thrill when you discover the existence of just the sort of book that you like to read. This can happen at random - spotting an interesting volume at a used book-shop, for instance - but it can also be brought about more scientifically. Personally, I find the most fruitful method is to study the reading habits of other people who have similar interests.

Until recently, this was somewhat challenging. Before the internet, these people could be difficult to discover and access - they were often busy, distant, or dead; or perhaps some combination of the three. Nowadays, however, it is easier than ever to uncover new material. Search engines have made this process an active one; allowing for the discovery of people and information to which one previously had no connection. Of course, the informational floodgates have been opened as well, and it has never been more important to filter and to read with intention.

This process of discovery and filtration is the reason for this site. I have found the personal recommendations of like-minded individuals to be particularly valuable. Combining recommendations such as these with an easily-digestible review or summary allows for both discovery and filtration to take place, hence the existence of this site and the email newsletter that I send to a small group of like-minded people.

In this email, you will find three things:

  1. An original thought piece on some topic of interest, distilled from my ludicrously varied reading,
  2. A book recommendation and review, and
  3. A compendium of interesting findings from around the internet.
Drake Lolley

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~ Drake

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